Friday, July 18, 2008


It’s Happy Hour once again at The Random Memorandum. Today’s drink is the Mojito. The Mojito, which originated in Cuba, is refreshing and great for summer. Though there is basically one recipe for this drink, I will provide two alternatives at the end of this post.

Let’s round up the usual suspects: White rum, sugar, fresh lime juice, fresh mint leaves and seltzer water or club soda.

First, if you have a Better Half like mine who loves this drink, you’ll go out to your garden and snip a few sprigs of mint.

If not, you can purchase fresh mint in the produce section of your local grocer. Add a large mint sprig to a tall glass or shaker.

Second, add the juice of one lime. Having one of these juice squeezer thingies really comes in handy.

Third, add one shot of sugar syrup. To make sugar syrup mix equal parts of sugar and water in a saucepan on the stove. Heat just until the sugar dissolves and let cool.

Fourth, add one shot of white rum.

Now, muddle the ingredients. This releases the flavors from the mint.

Using a strainer, pour into a tall glass filled with ice.

Top off with either seltzer water or club soda.

Garnish with mint and enjoy!

1 sprig of fresh mint
1 shot sugar syrup
Juice of 1 lime
1 shot of white rum
Seltzer water or club soda.

Low Carb Mojito
Follow the recipe above replacing the sugar syrup with artificial sweetener, such as Sweet-N-Low, Equal or Splenda.

Vodka Mojito
Follow the recipe above using vodka in lieu of the rum and fresh lemon in place of the lime.



Badass Geek said...


All I can think of is that damn Bacardi commercial with everyone dancing to the beat of the bartender mixing the drink.

*bounces head*

Unknown said...

ha! i JUST made this drink this week for my husband and my's anniversary dinner! although i replaced the rum with just the extract :) and it was stil good!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Damn. I think I'm going to have to stock up on the likker and start making us Friday night Employee #3699 drinks! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

YEAH, you did the drink recipe on Friday like we talked about! See Coal Miner's Grandaughter's post? FRIDAY drinks care of Employee #3699. YEP!

I don't even drink, but this one looks mighty tasty! I'm comin' to your house to help you out with all that liquor you're buying for these posts. See ya!

Megan said...

mmm.. if only we lived closer-i'd be coming over! haha :) My favoriteee summer drink is Blueberry Vodka & Sprite. Great combination. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Vodka Mojitos are awesome. Now Im off to fix MYSELF one of these bad boys!

Meg said...

To kick of the summer we made mojitos. Yumm.

Anonymous said...

Now that does sound good. I think I might just have to try the vodka one. Thanks for the recipe.

Unknown said...

Just what I need. Another reason to get into that bottle of exquisite Ron Zacapa Centenario I have. Fresh mint, huh?

Michael C said...

THis is the part where I wish I could drink. Damn Double Damn!!

Anonymous said...

I have that juice squeezer thing-y!
Love it!