Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Working At the Bank...

Back to yesterday’s post…I started working at that bank in 1990 and worked there for about four and a half years. The work experience I gained was immeasurable, but the friends I made and the fun we had was even more so. Working there gave me the confidence I was lacking. I had been in a marriage that was so one sided that I had almost forgotten who I was and what it felt like to be appreciated.

In a short amount of time I became proficient at my job to the extent that I was put in charge of all of the IRA accounts and customer RMD’s (Required Minimum Distributions). I felt good about myself and started to open up to some of my co-workers. By open up I don’t mean I did the whole ‘woe is me’ bit, I mean I started socializing. I stopped being the shy and unsure person that I had been and opened myself up to make new friends; some that I still have to this date.

Once these friendships were forged I really started to enjoy my job. We started having fun at work. There were those particular customers that would come in all the time that we would poke fun at and give nick-names to, of course not where they knew. Like the ‘Cat Lady’, the older woman who, I’m sorry, smelled like cat piss. I literally had to spray the chair she sat on in front of my desk with Lysol after she left. There was the ‘High Stepper’, a peculiar man who would march in place while standing in the teller line. And unfortunately the woman, who had obviously had lost a few marbles, that insisted a burglar in a pink dress lived under her mobile home and kept stealing her checks.

Our jokes were occasionally at the customer’s expense, but the most fun we had was playing jokes on each other…


Anonymous said...

You, shy? Ha! I'm not believing it for a second!

Expat No. 3699 said...

cuz'n carol:

I used to bes hy. Don't you remember me spending the night as a kid and shrugging when your mom asked me if I was hungry? Wait, you're the same age as me me and 'old timer's' is setting in, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think I've seen that guy in the pink dress stealing apples from my neighbour's tree!

It's funny, my husband does that at work too except some of the names he gives his customers are rather crude. (Boys will be boys). I think it's a good way to cope with dealing with the general public which can be stressful at times.

poor-me/പാവം-ഞാന്‍ said...

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