Friday, August 22, 2008

Chico's Margaritas

I got this recipe from some good friends, whose last name is Chico. Thus, Chico's Margaritas. Some of the ingredients may be unconventional compared to what you normally encounter in a margarita recipe, but the taste is quite similar to what I’ve had at my favorite Mexican restaurant.

Let’s take a look at today’s players:

Light Beer, Triple Sec, Tequilla, and Limeade Concentrate

Pour one 12 ounce can of thawed limeade into a pitcher.

Next add ½ can (using the limeade can) or 6 ounces of Tequila.

Then add ½ can or 6 ounces of Triple Sec.

Pour in one can or 12 ounces of water.

Last pour in that 12 ounce can of light beer. It’s been tried with regular beer and the consensus is that light beer works best.

Mix all ingredients in pitcher. Fill glass with ice.

Now pour that delicious concoction into the glass.

Serve with salsa and chips and enjoy. (My favorite CHIP was Ponch, just sayin’.)

Chico’s Margaritas

12 oz. Can of thawed limeade concentrate
6 oz. Tequila
6 oz. Triple Sec
12 oz. water
12 oz. Can of light beer

Combine the above ingredients in a pitcher. Serve over ice.

Note: My nickname for tequila is ‘ta-kill-ya’, so drink (as with all alcoholic beverages) in moderation. Enjoy, but please, don’t ever drink and drive; ‘cause if I find out you did, I’ll be mad at you.


Badass Geek said...

Another brilliant suggestion. This would be a big hit with my family.

Mental P Mama said...

I'm coming over.

Unknown said...

Yeah, when are you going to invite me over for a snort .. uh, sip. Or two.

Anonymous said...

This is the best receipe so far!

Wow. Now I cant wait to get home and make these!!!

I might even get my father to have this since he loves "ta-kill-ya"!

Unknown said...

oohhh i just got a craving for mexican food...and i just had a painful experience at the dentist yesterday and still cant' eat solid foods yet...oh the torture!

be sure to swing by and enter for this weeks' giveaway! its pretty cool!

Heather said...

Hoooo boy, you wanna get us lit UP dontcha? How about 2 cans of that limeade to water down the alkyhall a bit? Would that make it taste bad?

CK said...

I believe I had the pleasure of drinking the photo prop... with lots and lots of crushed ice added every sip or three (I'm not a big drinker).

Anonymous said...

I'll bring the nachos. Aye carumba, this sounds good!

Lisa said...

Ok, I don't do Margaritas, but I did go eat Mexican food last night!! And it was sooo good. So thanks for getting me in the mood.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you have some of those great drinks left when i come back home for the holidays I,m dieing to start partying w/you &family Love you,Barb