Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Would You Rather Wednesday

Everyone ready to play along?

1. Would you rather
Have a bird that says "F*** you" every time someone walks into the room
Have a dog that humps all of your guests' legs?

2. Would you rather
Have a lisp
Pronounce your Rs as ws?

3. Would you rather
Run across a field of 1,000 angry rattlesnakes
Three land mines?


Eva said...

#1: Being the mother of a toddler, I am required by law to answer (b), have a horny dog. Otherwise my kid would be repeating things at daycare that aren't meant for mixed company.

#2: I'd rather have a lisp. The alternative is sounding like Gilda Radner doing her Barbara Walters impression and I just can't do that 24/7.

#3: You have a sick mind. Both of those options are dumb. I pick the land mines. The risk factor is less with those, I think.

Anonymous said...

My sister used to have a parrot that said : 'Fat F**ker' over and over. I loved that parrot, so I would definitely go for that.

I'd go for the lisp too, except I'd try and make it sound all sexy, which in my case, would be impossible, so I would just be that girl with the lisp.

I'd go for the rattlesnakes and use my Jedi mind trick skills to get away from them safely. LOL.

Anonymous said...

1 - I would rather have a bird that says the F word. Humping dogs just annoy me!

2 - I would rather pronounce mr R's wrong. Then atleast I wouldn't always be speaking incorrectly, only when a word has an R.

3 - I think I would go for the landmines with this one. All those snakes would just completely gross me out!

Badass Geek said...

1) Definately the "Fuck You" bird. That would be hilarious!

2) Lisps are cool.

3) I'd take on the snakes, Indiana Jones-style. =)

Unknown said...

1. The bird. I could walk into the room and say - "I give you - the bird." and the bird would disguise my real meaning.

2. Lisp. Because it would be too much trouble to explain myself everytime I said "I like my ranking."

3. Rattlesnakes. Because they taste like chicken.

CK said...

Your questions are too easy today:
1 - Bird (F'in duh!)
2 - Lisp (I would also only speak Spanish, then all would assume I was Castilian.)
3 - Rattlesnakes (Is there a cure for land mine output?)

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have the talking bird - my warped family and friends would just laugh at him.

I'd rather say my r's as w's.

I'll take the land mines - and hopefully miss them.

Unknown said...

this always crack me up :) you're so creative!

1) most definitley have fez that humps all our guests. he already does it to other dogs at the dog park, so we already know what that's like. plus, we could just put him in his crate when people came over.

2) pronounce r's as w's. well, they're pretty similar choices. both would be bad.

3) probably the land mines. you'd have less of a chance with 3 than 1,000. but you'd also most definitley die with just one of those land mines. man...this one was the hardest to choose!

Anonymous said...

1) The bird. It requires more work for everyone to pry the dog off the leg, and it's more embarrassing too. Everyone would laugh at the bird, but the dog would be much more of a production

2) I guess the "R" thing. I already start lisping like Sylvester when I get real drunk so why not add another speech impediment?

3) I'd say rattlesnakes. Land mines would be a lot more destructive than snake bites, although the venom could easily be enough to kill ya'.

Who comes up with this stuff, anyway? It's grim...

Megan said...

Have the bird say F you. That's funny. The dog humping makes me uncomfortable.

Rs as Ws. That is less obvious I think that having a lisp ALL the time

Three land mines. I would stay to the side of the field. I think they would put them in the middle and spread out so I would stick to the sides.

Anonymous said...

1.Have a bird that says "F*** you" every time someone walks into the room

2. Have a lisp

3.Three land mines?

Mrs Anne said...

Love LoVe LOVE your blog and the "would you rather game!"

:) *adding you to my blog list*

1. Definately the dog... this behavior can be curbed ;)

2. Definately a lisp. Is it bizarre that i love lisps?? In fact I have a smidge of a fascination with them... like people do with accents. ;)

3. Definately the snakes... land mines will make you lose a limb or two.