Thursday, October 30, 2008

StatCounter Part One

I’ve seen posts from others before that disclose keyword activity that bring people to their blog, so I decided to share some keywords/phrases that have brought people to mine. Please keep in mind that I’m cheap. Wait, that came out wrong. I am not cheap. I am not a floozy, just frugal. And by frugal I mean that I use the ‘Free’ version of StatCounter; I don’t pay for anything extra. That being said, I can only go back about 12 days. So here goes.

The key word(s) that gets me the most activity is…drum roll please. Apple Pie Shots.

In the last twelve days I have had 67 hits looking for variations of the alcoholic concoction they came across in this post. Somehow, when I Googled it myself, I came up on the first page. Who’da figured?

There have been seven Googlers that have been directed to this recipe post searching for ‘hot bacon cheddar dip’ or ‘bread bowl with cream cheese and bacon’. And who could blame them? Bacon and cheese is always a win-win situation.

I’ve had two folks browsing for this, my first drink recipe post. And two that found me looking for a margarita recipe using beer.

Now the majority of searches were for recipes, but I did have some others:

One for ‘hooked on grass’ led them here.

Another search for ‘urethra fart’ ended up here.

And my post of Ten Things About Me and My Body brought someone who queried ‘gyn said my uterus was blue in color’. Hmm? I have a tipped uterus and my eyes used to be blue…your search criteria makes perfect sense to me.

The one that really got me was this person’s inquiry that led her here twice…Twice in an hour! Their search was for: ‘i drank for 9 hours and have no hangover am i pregnant’. Uhm, I sure as hell hope not. Just because you drink for nine hours and don’t have a hangover doesn’t mean you can have sex and not be pregnant. Yeah, nothing more to say…dumbass.


Skeeter said...

Hi! Oh yes, bacon and cheese rule. I've done the same thing and found that the number query that lands on my blog is "bradford pear tree damage". It lands on a set of blog entries I wrote during last winter about an ice storm that we had that knocked down all three of my trees.

It's a strange thing, these queries and their results, isn't it?

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Oh that is so funny... I have sitemeter - I wonder if I can track that kind of stuff too?

Badass Geek said...

These kind of posts always amuse me... The things people search for.

If you want something that goes a little further in depth and keeps records indefinately (and is also free!), check out Google Analytics. I use it, and I love it!

Anonymous said...

My favourites for getting to my blog at the moment are 'Selma from the Matrix,' 'Who has Selma NOT married?' and the strangely disturbing 'pictures of naked bunny rabbits.' It's a crazy old world out there!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure your uterus isn't blue and your eyes aren't tilted?
Really interesting what goes through people's minds. Then again, isn't that true of all us diehard bloggers?!

Whitney said...

The bike is 25 years old. Trust me, if we can afford it, you could too. Plus, I don't discredit my money smart husband for saving especially for this for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

who the hell googled "urethra fart"

Thats hysterical and disturbing.

Momisodes said...

Oh man, there are some fah-reeky folk out there in the internetz.

I puffy heart stat counter. I only have the free version as well. I won't dare tap into the expanded info. I don't think my body could handle it.

Jenny Grace said...

You should use Google Analytics, for free.