Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Crap and a Contest...

Continuing with my son’s sarcasm, we have more euphemisms for blogging. If you haven’t read the other two posts you can find them here and here.

So here we go, and please understand that these are not only directed at me…but all of you.

Simply Blogolicious.

Three Blog Night

The Blogonator

Want some ‘Post’idos with that dip?

A kick in the ‘Post’icles

Ten Ways to Leave Your Blogger

The Blogityville Horror…Get Out!

Ivana Blogalot

My favorite:
The Artful Blogger…Do they read your posts and ask, “Please sir, may I have some more?”

Are you speaking in Blogonese?


The Last of the Bloghicans

Okay, I admit I’ve egged him on for more and in fact my husband and I have come up with a few. But now I think he’s done…for awhile. He said it’s like blogging a dead horse.

It’s been so much fun, though, that I thought I should turn it into a contest.

The Contest:
Looking for the best play on words making fun at blogging.

The Prize:
A cool mouse pad from CafePress.

The Rules:
1. Poke fun at blogging using either the word ‘blog’ or ‘post’ in your entry.
2. Be creative and have fun.
3. You can not use anything that has been used in this post or the two prior posts.
4. Not limited to one entry, however, each entry should be in a separate comment.
5. Contest ends Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. CST.

The ‘Pun’isher (my son) will choose the winner based on which one makes him laugh the most.


Skeeter said...

Rah-Rah! Sis-Boom-Ba!
Bloggitty doo-da day!
Exploding monkey sez BA-BOOM!

Fresh from the naughty, naughty cheerleadering files ...

Badass Geek said...

Oh, its ON.

Badass Geek said...

Here's my entry...

"The Blogfather"

Badass Geek said...


"When Harry Met Bloggy"
("When Harry Met Sally")

"The Resevoir Blogs"
("The Resevoir Dogs")

"Post Fiction"
("Pulp Fiction")



Tell The Punisher to try listening to some Blog Marley when judging these entries, and to not be embarrassed if he has a blogasm. It happens to the best of us.

Unknown said...

I can't believe I blogged the whole thing! - Which he won't understand because he never saw the commercial.

And yes. 11/21. I would not miss that for the world. And, so far, SWMBO is coming. I told her she has to take pictures.

We will sort out details soon. (time, etc.)

Unknown said...

Oh - and instead of "an intervention" - a "bloggervention" as opposed to a 'blogvention' instead of a convention. And, of course, if you had a whole bunch of bloggers in the same room, together, and they were all bogging at the same time, creating a lot of heat, then the room would need proper 'air blogditioning'.

Megan said...

Going away to think..I will return.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Are you suggesting that I ship you ALL MY AMBIEN RELATED PURCHASES!!!



Michael C said...

I am stumped. But I shall return.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Sir Bloggington would be a good title for anyone in the future who might be knighted for their ability as a blogger.

Okay, that wasn't that funny. I admit it.

Anonymous said...

Can family play? Anywho I'm gonna go with......

Osama Bin Blogin

Sir-Blog-Alot.....Baby got blog!!

Billy Bob Blogton

Eva said...


liz said...

Okay I can't enter because I don't think I could come up with anything better than "Osama Bin Blogin."

That freakin made me laugh out loud!!! Haha...

Thanks so SO much for your input over at my blog. I had such a hard time choosing a winner and you were totally one of the finalists. Now I want to tell you all about my house and style and how many seasons we have just to rack your brain for more advice! :)

Thanks again! :)

Anonymous said...

"Three Blog Night" is kick ass.....

Wonderful World of Weiners said...



Anonymous said...

I can't type for laughing at Snoop Bloggy Blog.