Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Steps...

I’ve been taking baby steps with this whole blogging thing for almost a year now. Actually it will be one year a week from today, so stay tuned for a Give-A-Way next week. I’m not doing a contest, just giving something away. What’s the prize? You’ll have to wait and see.

When I dipped my dainty size eight wide feet into the blog pool it was with trepidation. My knowledge of blogging at the time was from the little I had done on MySpace and from reading The Pioneer Woman. I had been following Ree pretty much from the beginning and after awhile discovered that other people had blogs. I know it sounds lame that I wasn’t aware of the blogging community, but I just wasn’t. I started poking into other blogs through comments and then bounced around for a bit. I then decided I wanted to try my hand at it; my first baby step (mom, how is this not in my baby book?)

After blogging for a couple of weeks I was able to take another step; I got a laptop. This was huge as I was using the computer in my husband’s home office; I was now able to post when I wanted to.

The next step for me was having my own camera. Not just any old camera but a Nikon D70. My husband purchased a new D300 and I got his old camera, not too shabby. Although I still have a long way to go in learning all the ins and outs of it, I’ve done okay with the pictures I’ve posted. A few months ago I decided to buy what I call my SpyCam. It allows me to take pictures inconspicuously. Not the best quality, but I have it with me at all times and won’t miss a photo op if it presents itself.

Another step, and truth be told it was a big one, was having Badass Geek redesign my template. Seriously, I couldn’t be happier with the results. It all happened kind of quick; ‘Wham bam, thank you mam’; no dinner beforehand or even a kiss good night; and before I knew it my blog looked the way I wanted it to (and it ‘felt’ good too, thanks Mike.) On a side note, if you’re looking for an overhaul or just a little tweaking, you need to go here, no really you do.

Another recent step for me was discovering Google Reader. What a time saver!

Okay, I’ve just subjected you to a bunch of rambling and way too much linkage just to bring this up; my latest wobbling step. I have my own domain so please take note. I have gone from:




Anonymous said...

Congrats on your own domain name. I really need to do that too. Has it really been a year already? I am so glad you're continuing to blog as you are one of my favourites!

Wait. What? said...

One of my favorite things about your spot is that it is always changing - you are always moving forward and I have loved watching it.

Kim's Korner said...

I 'found' you after your review. Been here ever since :-) And I meant to tell you a long time ago ... LOVE the new look! WTG Badass! WTG!

Congrats on the new domain name!

Damn! I have no domain. I feel like such a blogger-poser now!

Badass Geek said...

Hey, thats great! Domain names are cool.

Thanks for the props on the design. I'm glad you like it!

Unknown said...

Hmmmm. Feels just like home.

Nej said...

I'll hit a year later this month, and followed the same little baby steps as you did. I already had the DSLR, but the camera to carry with me everywhere.....the laptop.....the google reader. Is there a book out there available to us newbies? They could call it "What to Expect when you're blogging." :-)

Love the blog! Keep up the good work!! :-)

Mental P Mama said...

Color me impressed;)

meleah rebeccah said...

Its sooo awesome that you have 'graduated' to having your own piece of internet real estate!

Anonymous said...

Big baby steps, girlfriend! You go!can you come show me how to use google reader???
and I have said it before, but the corkboard on your blog so turns me on!
I am glad you blog because I found you... :-)

Lola said...

You've come a long way, baby! Being blogtarded, I have to ask, does your new domain name mean I have to change my Google Reader?

I want a domain name, too, but I hate the name of my blog and want to change it as soon as I come up with something that doesn't annoy me ;)