Friday, October 30, 2009

All Good Things Must Come to an End...

…I’ve delayed my last recap of Avitaween because I really don’t want it to be over. I had an amazing time last weekend. Not only did I get to see bloggers I’ve already met and also meet new ones; I got to share the experience with my Fraughter (ahem, Friend + Daughter = Fraughter).

As some of you may be aware I attended BlogHer this past July. And as great as that was it really doesn’t compare to what I experienced last weekend. BlogHer can be overwhelming and a bit impersonal. Being able to meet thirty something bloggers, one on one, as opposed to a cattle call of 1,500 bloggers, well you get where I’m coming from. Last weekend was amazing.

Now I know it’s going to appear that I’ve gotten some brownie mix on my nose just before slipping the pan in the oven but here goes. I met Adam in July and again at his party. I really don’t know him, but I am in awe. He has been blogging for over five years and he is always, ALWAYS, entertaining. (Hold on a sec while I grab a tissue to get this brown shit out of my nostrils.) His sarcasm, sophomoric humor, wit, honesty and loyalty blow me away. And to top it off, he and his wife go and host an amazing Halloween party. (Wait while I wipe this damn brownie batter off my nose again. Damn! Who threw the nuts in this batch?) The amount of planning, creativity, time and money involved is, uh, let me be redundant, amazing.

So without further ado, here are a few of the photos I took at the party. You can also look at all the pics uploaded on his Flikr here.

Me and Fraughter.

Me and Fraughter with Sheila.

Le.Sombre and his Lovely Wife.

Former blogger Allison and her husband Pete. I love me some Allison and Pete!

Kim. Alabamy, here I come. Besides wanting to see Kim again, I want to say ‘yall’ and not get looked at funny. Oh, and I challenged my husband to get rid of that red eye in PhotoShop.

Ren and his wife Marci. “Ren, I’ve formed an attachment to you too…but I just think of Ren & Stimpy when I hear your name and Marci is not a ‘Stimpy.”

Miss Britt. Yeah, got to meet her again. I’m so sitting at the cool table, right? Seriously love her blog and her as a person. She reminds me of my Fraughter.

Karl and his posse…hey, shouldn’t there be a green chick?

Heather and her husband. Geez guys, cool costumes but it sucks to be you when Mother Nature calls.

This group actually made their costumes. Way cool!

Oh, and thanks to Ren and others I have proof of my daughter doing Scary-oke! (She’s going to kill me for posting these, but well, Welcome to the Jungle…and Low Places!

The aftermath at Dennys…at about 3:00 a.m.

Did I mention that we had to wake up before seven and when Kim came banging on our door with a wake up call I chased her down the hall and tapped her on the head and yelled, “Snooze!, Wake us up again in ten minutes!”, she just called me a bitch and said get the fuck up. Well I did and she did and I love her.

Looking forward to next year’s party. My fraughter already told me she’s in. Let’s see if I can suck her into the blogosphere in the mean time.

Adam, thanks again for an amazingly awesome time.


I can't find my blog said...

Sounds like a blast! I'm glad that you got to go. Love the costume!

The Peach Tart said...

Looks like soooo much fun

Badass Geek said...

I want to go next year, but I'll probably have to hitchhike to get down there.

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Great photo summary of costumes! And now I've finally found someone with an "in character" shot of our MIB costumes. Yeah!

hello haha narf said...

so sorry that we didn't get a chance to talk, but i am glad you had a blast.

Avitable said...

You guys had some cool costumes, too. Thanks for coming, and it was great to meet your daughter - she fit right in!

Blondefabulous said...

It was awesome to meet you that weekend! You guys totally rocked!!!!

Sheila said...

You shouldn't worry about Nikki killing you....I'm already on my way to your house.

Kim said...

I totes enjoyed hanging out with yall, it was AMAZING !! And I'm like you, I think Adam is amazing...but shhhhh, we don't want him getting all cocky and stuff...LOL....see if your husband can get rid if my five chins, ha !

Miss Mad Hatter said...

just wondering, did you have on moon boots?

i'm glad you were able to attend the festivities.

i keep saying i want to go next year, (just like i rambled on about this year) but of course it all depends on whether it's in the budget.

until then, it's tequilacon time to look forward too!

Anonymous said...

It looked like so much fun. Your costumes were fantastic. The karaoke was hilarious!

Captain Dumbass said...

Fantastic costumes! And I have the same t-shirt as Le.Sombre.

Happy Mommy said...

Yay! We loved you and your Fraughter, too! I really wish someone would work on transporter technology, I want you guys to come over for barbecues and stuff. Hopefully there will be more events we can all go to.

Lola said...

Great costumes, ladies! Actually, all the costumes were great. Glad you had such a wonderful time!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! It looks like so much fun! Love it!

Kim's Korner said...

Looks like you had a blast! Wonderful costumes, and you KNOW I loved the karaoke! :-)

(yes, I'm finally trying to catch up on some blog reading lol)