Monday, May 17, 2010

I’m Done…

…until next weekend.

After two days of back breaking work the garden is planted. Yesterday I posted about how the damn rotor tiller was throwing a fit and the ground had to be turned over by hand…and then turned over again after adding compost and peat moss to it. Well I finished up that task bright and early this morning and then got to planting. Here’s what’s on the dinner menu in a couple of months:

Brussel Sprouts
Green Beans
Peppers – Green, Jalapeño, Poblano
Yellow Squash

That is provided I can keep the damn rabbits away. As a deterrent I spread Repels-All granules and sprayed the liquid around the perimeter, planted marigolds here and there and put dog hair around the plants. Sounds a bit much? Well not when you spend a weekend working your ass off and a shit ton of money on plants to then have some free loader come and eat it all in one sitting. And if anyone has any other home remedies or a product they swear by, please tell me about it.

Anyhoe, it’s all planted.

Oooh, and look at my new garden bench!

So I get to take a break…and go to work all week…until next weekend.


Crystal said...

Your garden looks awesome! I wish I had a yard to put a garden in.

Unknown said...

Nice work. Whats that big green thing in the last shot?

Sheila said...

Whoa! Someone call the paramedics! I must be dying for Linda has posted two days in a row!! WHOA!!

PS : I can't wait to come to your house for dinner. Nom nom nom.

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks amazing. I love the wagon wheel. When things start to grow we want pictures. Lots of pictures!

Aunt Juicebox said...

One thing I wish I had living in a condo is space for a garden. We always plant herbs on the patio but it just isn't the same. This is lovely!