Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Belated Happy Memorial Day…

…Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Mine was busy, busy, busy. Family, friends and food seemed to be the theme. Hot weather, a pool and libations played a part.

Anyholiday, I am now moving on to the next one. Fourth of July.

I am planning a major bash. My husband will be home from India then, albeit just for a visit, but what better holiday for him to celebrate his time here…after he kisses the ground upon arrival…than our nation’s birthday?

Mystery guest…still waiting to hear back

And that mystery guest? Met him at a Tupperware party recently:

If you’re in the Chi-Town area on July 3rd and don’t have plans…you’re invited. Just shoot me an email at

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Unknown said...

OMG - Annie is going to die. Someday I have to tell you the story of the time I dressed up in drag for Halloween. I gotta tell ya - I looked not unlike "Aunt Lola".