Friday, October 15, 2010

The Soup Incident…

I mentioned something in yesterday’s post about a soup incident, well here it is.

The first time I went down to the hotel restaurant by myself I ordered a bowl of Thukpa (soup), which was described on the menu as, “…vegetables and noodles in a clear tangy broth.” 

It was brought to my table steaming hot so I blew on a spoonful, in an attempt to cool it off, before tasting it.  Upon swallowing I started to cough; one of those tickle in the throat type of coughs that are hard to stop.  After getting it under control I tried another spoonful and again with the cough, though this time my eyes started to water and my nose was running.  “Damn, either it went down the wrong pipe or I need to quit smoking”, is what came to mind as I dug some tissue from my purse. 

Well, you know the third spoonful’s the charm, so I go for another.  At this point I am coughing uncontrollably and my sinuses?  Just think along the lines of Hurricane Katrina and breaking levees.  I looked up through tear filled eyes and saw the wait staff; all four of them, standing across the room watching…and then it dawned on me.  I’d been had. 

One of them finally walked over and asked, “Mum, soup too hot?”

Hot?  It was so damn hot I couldn’t even taste it.  It was so damn hot that I couldn’t speak.  It was so damn hot that I had nothing to compare it to, and days later, still can’t describe.

I guess my first clue should have been that the broth was not in fact clear as stated on the menu, but tinted red.  The second was that neither the waiter nor bus boy hovered over me like they usually do, but stood back and waited.  In the end, I did get another bowl of soup and it had the ‘clear tangy’ broth like it was supposed to.

I wanted to think that now that they had a laugh at my expense, we could move on and play nice.  However, today I ordered the French Onion Soup from the room service menu.

What’s the thing on the plate to the left you may wonder?  Why, that’s an egg…and I found it in my soup.
Forest Gump’s’ momma might have said, “Life is like a box of chocolates…”  In India, life seems to be more like a bowl of soup.


Blondefabulous said...

Back here you could sue for food tampering, but I guess that's not an option there, is it?

They say what does not kill you.....

Unknown said...

See??? I TOLD you not to flash those guys on the scaffolding. They're all RELATED over there - you probably bounced someone's cousin off the parking lot and now they're getting even.