Monday, October 11, 2010

Things I've Ascertained In The Last Week...

    I need to start thinking in terms of Rupees, Celsius, Liters, Kilograms and Kilometers.

    The internet and Magic Jack are my new best friends, except when we don't connect.

    Though English is the national language in India, only a few people I’ve encountered spoke it well, and most didn’t at all.

    It took me awhile to realize that the dates on food/beverage products reflect the packaging date, and not the expiration date.  This knowledge makes me feel so much better.

    The English speaking channels on TV in India are sub-titled…in English.

    The phrase, “In two minutes”, does not mean in a little while.  When you are told ‘two minutes’ after asking how long it will take two people to clean your hotel room, it really means 45 minutes.

    Ordering American food will just remind you how far from home you really are.  

    They use bamboo for scaffolding, not metal.  I’m pretty sure OSHA does not exist here.

    Toilet paper rolls only have about 1/3 the amount of squares as toilet paper in the U.S.  I guess it’s that whole left hand thing.


    Unknown said...

    Somehow, I think those aren't going to be the only changes in your thinking between now and whenever you get home.

    And that bamboo scaffolding? They do that ALL OVER ASIA. It's a wonder they have anything higher than two stories over there.

    Blondefabulous said...

    1/3 of the toilet paper?? That's insane! I need my Charmin super MEGA roll!!

    Bama Cheryl said...

    Hey, look at you! I didn't realize you were now in India. That's awesome. And you're correct that the Indians have no concept of proper English and how it is written/spoken/constructed. One of my writing jobs is to Americanize copy that has been written in India. Some of the Indianisms are hilarious. I'm keeping a list. Glad to know what's up with you! Enjoy your adventure!

    Anonymous said...

    What whole lefthand thing?

    Expat No. 3699 said...

    Somehow, I think you’re right.

    @ Blondefabulous
    It is insanity and they only give you two rolls at a time. I’ve started hiding what’s left each day so I can get more!

    @ Bama Cheryl
    You’re probably getting quite a few laughs with that assignment. I’d love for you to email me that list of Indianisms.

    @ Moonspun
    Are you ready? They ‘wipe’ with their left hand, thus not a need for toilet paper…for them, not me!

    Eva said...

    (a) gross about the left hand thing, and (b) the title of this post reminds me of this: