Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year’s Day Give-Away…

I did a Give-Away about a month ago when I got back from India.  Part of the reason was to share some things that I had brought back; the other was to try and find out who has been reading this blog.  A scant few of you left a comment and I thank you.  The rest of you…well, here’s a second chance.

I’m getting ready to go back in less than a week.  I may be back for a visit around Easter, or mayhaps not until the end of June.  Either way, there will most likely not be another Give-Away until I’m back in the states.  It’s not that I’m too cheap to spend the money on the postage; it’s more that I don’t trust that what I send will make it to its intended destination. 

Any-Hulu, during the last month or so not only have I eaten foods not available in India and caught up with friends and family, I’ve caught up on numerous TV shows.  One, which some of you may be aware of, is a show on NBC called ‘Outsourced’.  The premise: an American based company’s call center has been outsourced to India and the lone American working there is trying to understand Indian culture.  Humor ensues and it’s quite entertaining, though it’s obvious that it’s filmed in the U.S. and the background scenes are not. 

What you may not be aware of is that this series is based on a film, of the same name, that was released in 2006.  I watched it on NetFlix after already visiting India last January and before finding out that I’d be moving there.  Paul watched it too after working in India for almost a year.  We both found it fairly accurate as to what to expect, but with a nice American sugary coating.  It has a decent plot and is an enjoyable movie to watch with a big bowl of curry spiced popcorn. 

What I’m trying to say is this Give-Away’s prize is the DVD of Outsourced (the movie).  Again, the reason for this Give-Away is to get some of you to comment, but it’s also a way to share this movie...either you’ll win it or you’ll be intrigued enough to want to buy or rent it.

So here’s out this goes.  In order to be entered you must…

Leave a comment here.  Not sure how…let me tell you again.

1: Click on ‘Comment’ at the bottom of this post.
2: Write your comment in the large box.
3: Type in the ‘Word Verification’
4: Click on ‘Name/URL’ and type in your name.

Again, if you absolutely can’t figure this out, you can send your comment to Lfabsits (at) Yahoo (dot) com. 

Leave a comment about a movie that you would recommend.  Is there something you’ve seen recently?  Maybe there’s a classic you could watch over and over again?  Some obscure film that no one’s heard of?

Leave your comment on THIS post, by midnight December 31st…it doesn’t matter what time zone as I won’t be checking them until late morning afternoon January 1st, 2011.

Winner will be chosen via Random Generator unless I receive comments via email, in which case one of my grandchildren will pull a name from a hat, a bowl or a soggy snow boot.


ShaggyEric said...

Had no idea that series was based off a movie. Surfed into it one night and caught a bunch since...can be pretty amusing for sure.

One film I recommend to everyone (besides The Wizard of Oz lol) is Baraka. Its something you need to plan/be in the mood for when going to watch...but its well worth it...very moving imo.

Jennie said...

Hi! I think you would enjoy Dispicable Me its a good movie to see while spending time with the grandchildren!

Mom to 3, nana to 6 said...

I haven't caught that show, I will look for it.

I haven't watched anything worth commenting on lately.

Blondefabulous said...

Didn't know it was based on a movie, but I was afraid to watch the TV show because it looked terribly racist! Now that you say it's actually pretty accurate, I may give it another shot.

And I recommend The Blues Brothers 25th Anniversary Edition on Bluray! The music and musicians alone make it worthwhile, but the story and Cameos make it just as enjoyable to see!

You don't have to enter me since I won the last give away. I don't want to be greedy! (PS- My eldest talked me out of the Garland and inscense!)

Unknown said...

I will have to check out that series. Meanwhile, I would recommend "What Dreams Will Come", starring Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding, Max von Sydow and Annabella Sciora. It is my most favorite movie.

Unknown said...

What Dreams MAY Come - not Will come.

bama Cheryl said...

I have loved watching the series Outsourced because of working with a group of Indians in Chandigarh. It's hilarious -- the show and working with my own group of outsourcers. Anyway. My favorite movie that everyone should watch is Office Space. Another hilarious take on working in a cubicle farm (office). Wonderful movie. Sugar coated but still with significant grains of truth. Pick me, please?

Cuz'n Carol said...

I might take my little guy to see Yogi Bear today. I'll let you know how it is...

hello haha narf said...

i laughed so hard at you giving step by step commenting instructions!
like so many others, i didn't realize the tv show is based on a movie. although i have never watched the tv show, i might check it out know, if i can manage to get my butt home and free when it is on. sigh
i recommend the labyrinth from the 80's (starring david bowie, lots of jim henson creations and the worst acting ever from jennifer connelly).

Avitable said...

I've enjoyed the show and wanted to see the movie as well.

I'd recommend seeing Kick Ass, Sherlock Holmes, and Inception.

Did you figure out the issue with your email?

Sheila said...

My all time favorite movie is My Cousin Vinny. Seriously - if you don't pee your pants during this movie, you have no soul.

I've only heard of these because of you soooooo yeah, I should watch more tv.

Her Big Sad said...

This movie sounds really interesting to me. I am a medical transcriptionist, and outsourcing has affected my income significantly, but then, so has voice recognition software. I'm not mad about it; I'm just taking courses to reinvent myself at the age of 55. I've always joked that because of the time zone difference, the physicians who outsourced their dictation to India for transcription could make the statement "they are transcribing my dictation before I am even speaking it!" It's hard to compete with that, and their low price, even if the reports that come back are a bit ragged grammatically. I will add this movie to our Netflix que! Thanks for the recommendation! (Can't say I've seen any movies worth recommending lately; I rarely watch them.) Happy New Year!

Linda Sue said...

Something about Mary. A sure bet.

MarieC said...

Ok, I am interested in seeing "Outsourced" now, so if I don't win, I will have to rent it!! Wishing you SAFE travels back to 'Far Far Away' :-)