Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things To Do…

…places to go and people to see.  I’ve been busy, busy during the first week of my visit home. 

Phone calls to make, packages to mail, and appointments to keep.   It’s been a tad overwhelming and I’m not near done.

For those of you waiting for a package, I promise I’ll get things out on Monday.  For anyone I haven’t called, I’ll pick up the phone next week, but please feel free to call me first.  For all of you that said we should ‘do lunch’ or ‘coffee’ or whatever; I’m having an open house on Saturday, March 26th, at 6:00.  Drinks and Indian food are planned…please let me know if you can attend.

In the meantime, since I’m too busy to think and write a post, I give you my son-in-law Danny.  This is a video I took tonight to send to Paul, but I thought I would share it with all of you.


Cindy said...


LceeL said...

I'm having some 4G issues - I can't see the video. I swear I'd go over to Verizon if they had a driver for Mac.

Gin said...

Love it. He's good! :)

Sheila said...

If I make it Saturday, I'll bring my own food :)

Danny is such a bad ass. I'm pretty sure it's the hat.