Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We're Back in India...

…and apparently for a while.   After our trip to Italy where I spent two days of it on my own while Paul was flown first on a private jet and then on a helicopter to Romania where the location had been changed to the last minute, we find that India is still our home for a bit longer.

Italy was beautiful and wonderful and amazing.  It was hard to leave, but India welcomed us back with open arms and for good measure, a slap in the face.  We arrived at our flat at 2:00 a.m. to find that our power had been shut off.  A mistake on the electric company’s behalf, but that didn’t help the fact that it was hot and stuffy; about 90 degrees…and that the stench of rotting meat permeating the air from the freezer.  We opened the only two windows with screens and slept on the sofa and loveseat.  Not so bad, except for the fact that we had been cramped on a plane for nine hours prior.

Paul woke early, went to work, and had the driver bring our paid receipt to the electric office.  I scrubbed the inside of both the refrigerator and freezer with Lysol, bleach and baking soda…none of which really helped; and then went grocery shopping.  Of course I got in the line with the new cashier.  Not only did he not know how to turn on the conveyor belt, he moved like molasses.  On second thought, it was slower than that.  I think he may actually have been moving back in time.  He picked up each item with his right hand and then transferred it to his left, at which point he would pick up the scanning gun, use it and then set it back down.  He did this with every.single.item.  Keep in mind I was not only shopping for the week, but replacing everything I had to throw out.  Let’s just say my frozen items were no longer so by the time I left.  In hindsight I wish I would have pulled out my phone and videotaped it; then again I don’t think my phone could handle ten plus minutes of video.

That was Monday, but then we lost power for several hours on Tuesday.  Apparently between load sharing and yada, yada we can expect these outages to continue through October 20th.  On a good note, Monsoon Season is nearing its end.  We did have a big rain this evening, which I thought would interrupt the festival going on, but no.  There’s no stopping Indians and their festivals; especially when they include dancing!  Tonight is the eighth day of Navaratri, which I will share with you in a day or two.  I know I’ve barely posted anything in months, but I was busy…FYI busy = lazy.  But pinky swear, I will.  No really, I will.  I broke my pinky toe years ago and it hurt like a bitch, so I don’t want to jinx myself.

On another note I want to give a big shout out to my son and grandson who have birthdays today.  Both born on the 5th of October, at the same hospital and both are left handed…go figure.  Anyway, Happy Birthday to my boys!  Here’s a picture of the three of us…from a couple of years ago, but it’s the only one I have.


Unknown said...

So. In India for a while, eh? Well, I wish that weren't so - but then again, I guess you've gotten a bit used to it so who am I to complain?


DoctorGenius said...

Woooh..That's some Hard time on returnin!!
Bt anywayz..Welcome back to India
Have a great Festive Season ahead :)(try shakin a leg n it'd become even better;)
n a Belated Happy Birthday to ur boys :)