Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Would You Rather Wednesday...

Ready, set, put on your thinking caps for another round of Would You Rather.

1. Would you rather...
Talk like you have walnuts in your mouth
Walk like you have a walnut up your butt?

2. Would you rather...
Everyday for a year, have to wear the same pair of unwashed underwear
The same pair of unwashed socks?

3. Would you rather...
Be a millionaire and then hit rock bottom
Live your entire life with just enough money to get by?


CK said...

1 - Up the butt (I would walk like everyone else in my 'hood.)

2 - Socks (I can always take a stroll in the lake, but I would rather not sit in it.)

3 - I've already experienced the second option, so I'll choose to be a millionaire for a day!

Badass Geek said...

I love these!

1) I'd rather have a walnut-induced speech impediment. I have trouble talking clearly as it is, so it wouldn't be much of a switch.

2) I'd have to go with the unwashed socks option. It sounds less gross.

3) Since I'm already doing it, I'll stay with living my life with just enough money to get by. I'm managing alright with it now, why change?

Unknown said...

YES! its wednesday...

1. walk...maybe i could make it the new hip, cool walk everyone wants to do

2. unwashed socks. no question.

3. live my life with just enough money. i would never want to hit rock bottom, and being a millionaire could make you a greedy person attached to wordly things.

Lisa said...

Just when I thought these would be easy, now I am not sure!!!
1. Walnut up my butt, I don't now why.
2. For sure the doubt
3. Live with just enough money to get by. I have never wanted to be a millionaire, and still don't.

These are a lot more thought provoking questions this week. (Thank goodness!)

Anonymous said...

1 - in my mouth - don't know why
2 - socks for sure!!!!!!!! No explanation needed.
3 - living w/ just enough to get by - I don't want to have to hit rock bottom...

Anonymous said...

1 - Up the butt - I would look like all my son's friends with the baggy pants.
2 - Socks - the other is just too disgusting
3 - Live with just enough to get by.

Megan said...

1. Walk like you have a walnut up your butt. Someone would find that cute right? The other would just be annoying.
2. Unwashed socks. The other is just nasty.
3. Sigh. I guess I would rather live life with just enough money to get buy...although if I was a millionaire I would be wise with my money!!!

Lola said...

I love these, too.

1. Up the butt. I hate mumblers!

2. Socks. I don't wear underwear.

3. I'd rather have enough all my life.

Unknown said...

1- Walk. Talking is too valuable to me.

2 - Socks. You don't make love with your feet. You DO make love with what you store in your underwear.

3 - I'll take just enoguh to get by - if only because you haven't limited my lifestyle in the question.

Are you grading these things. Do we find out at some point that we're all psychotics?

Heather said...

1. Mouth
2. Socks
3. Millionaire. I want to live the good life for once, I've been at rock bottom before and could do it again if I had to. However, I've never (and probably never will) seen the other end of the spectrum.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

OK. Here goes.

1) Walk like I have a walnut up my butt. (I think I walk like that anyway!)

2) Wear the same pair of socks for a year. Definitely.

3) Live with just enough.

Anonymous said...

Up the butt.


Millionaire - I think that losing it all would motivate you to get back on your feet again.

I enjoy Would You Rather Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I would rather live my entire life with just enough money to get by. And not have to go to work ever again.