Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Size Matters...

When I started The Random Memorandum last year I had no computer to call my own. I would use my computer at work to read other blogs while getting my work done; I have great multi tasking skills (not so much with the nunchuk skills, bow hunting skills, or computer hacking skills though). When I got home I would have to sit in my husband’s home office to type up my posts. I won’t smoke in his office, and those of you that are smokers will understand how hard that was. My husband saw my need for my own laptop and bought me one.

I also knew I wanted to put pictures on my posts but I didn’t have a camera. I used my husband’s (when he was in town) to take the pictures for my drink recipes and such until he decided to give me his Nikon D70 and buy the new camera he wanted, a Nikon D300. It’s great that he did that because normally he would have sold the old one on eBay and used the proceeds towards the new camera. I appreciate it and have learned a lot since having it, but I wanted a camera that would supplement and enhance my blog fodder. The D70 is great for planned shots, but how often are you out and about and wish you had a camera to take a picture of something instead of just writing about it? Also, how hard is that to do when you have a huge camera to lug around?

So I decided to buy myself a small camera as an early birthday present; a really early present as my birthday is not for three months. We went to Best Buy this past weekend and though I was counting on some direction from My Better Half it didn’t happen. The salesperson just happened to be a photography major in college and instead of the help I was counting on from my husband, he directed his attention on a lengthy conversation with said sales associate about landscape photography. I was left hanging to choose a camera for myself. Please keep in mind that he has had a photograph published in a text book (albeit one in Mexico), another five in a calendar this year, and is working on a website to sell his photographs. So I, the lay person, had to choose a camera when the expert was standing a mere few feet away. I went ahead and made an executive decision and picked the Nikon CoolPix S610.

I fully understand that the quality will be nothing compared to what the D70 brings; but I’m looking at being able to take pictures easily and non-conspicuously. For example, how could I show you this photo of garbage some fucking pig left in the parking lot of Target?

I would not have had the big camera with me, but having a small camera that fits in my purse was all handy dandy. Just look at the difference in size.

Sometimes you have to trade quality for anonymity.

Anyhoo, I now have a contest/give-away in mind. I’m in the midst of finalizing the details, but it will involve using your camera and a prize valued at about $50.00 so stay tuned.


Badass Geek said...

You made a nice choice. The Nikon Coolpix series are very good cameras.

Anonymous said...

oh How LOVELY! A new LAPTOP? That rocks. And yes as a smoker I can fully appreciate the struggle!

Anonymous said...

Posting images on my blog could be dangerous. I'll stay tuned, though.

Skeeter said...


I hate it when people litter like that! A new laptop is cool. A good camera is a must. Posting the right images is wonderful!!!

Best wishes,


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Awesome purchase, hon! I like my little Canon Elph. Fits in my purse when the D70 won't. :)

Unknown said...

Well you should enjoy both your cameras, which are well-deserved. You'll need them at different times.
Ok and is it just me or does that garbage, the small round whatever-it-is look like a face???

Jenny Grace said...

I want the great big camera. I've got the little one. I want both though, I wouldn't want to trade.

Lola said...

I have to have a small camera, too, as my big, bad one is major luggage. It's very nice to have both.

So glad you're back!