Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good News, Bad News and Bad News...

First the good news; my mom turned 71 today. Here’s a picture of her and my dad yesterday.

She is absolutely the greatest!

Now for the bad news; good ole Phil, the Punxsutawney ground hog, saw his shadow today. Damn! Six more weeks of winter.

And the other bad news, the really bad news. Today marks the one year anniversary of the killings at the Lane Bryant store in Tinley Park, IL. One year ago today, a man entered this women’s apparel store on a Saturday morning and shot 6 women, killing five of them; and he is still at large.

This store is located one mile from my home; in a shopping area that I frequent. On that fateful day, one year ago, we were preparing for my mother’s 70th birthday party. As we were hanging decorations, these women were being shot; one execution style. As we were preparing food, helicopters were hovering and circling nearby, eventually over our subdivision. As we were singing Happy Birthday in celebration of my mother’s life, families were learning of the loss of their mother, sister, daughter.

The sign has since been removed from the storefront, as has the yellow police tape. The police cars and forensic vehicles are gone, though the media was there today. I saw them on my way to work.

So as I write this I rejoice that I still have my mother with me; but I also mourn for the lives that were lost taken and for their loved ones left wondering why.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your MOM! xoxoox

Anonymous said...

Wishing your Mum a lovely birthday!!

That is awful about the shootings, especially as the guy is still at large. How awful. I hope they catch him soon.

Badass Geek said...

I always think it to be sad when these horrible events happen on important days, like birthdays.

Happy Birthday to your mom!

Lola said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom. She's so cute, just like her daughter! It's a good week for birthdays - mine is Thursday.

I remember that nightmare from the news, but I didn't know they never caught the killer. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Tell Bernice Happy Birthday
from me She is GREAT Knowing
you it was a Super nice Party
They had that year anniversary
on our news here in Fl.Sure are
some sick people in this world

Momisodes said...

Happy birthday to your mom!

I'm mourning the little bugger seeing his shadow, too.

The Daily Rant said...

You are so lucky to have your parents in your life still. And Happy Birthday to your mother - my, doesn't she look radiant??

As for the LB shooting - I heard something about that but now don't remember the details - I'm going to Google it right now.

Sometimes it just takes hearing something like that to realize how lucky we are to have those we love in our lives.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your mom...
I didnt' realize that killer was still free. But you honored those killed in a thoughtful way.

Anonymous said...

My SIL worked at the Dick's in the same plaza and was at work when it happened. She had nightmares for a long time after the shooting.

Thank you for honoring them.

And a huge happy birthday to your mom!!