Friday, July 17, 2009

Pre-BlogHer Post and Tim, Pick Me Pick Me…

So a mere six days, eight hours and some thirty odd minutes from the time this post hits the blogosphere I will be picking up my roomie from the airport.

Less than one week until BlogHer!?!

What will I wear?
I need to lose ten pounds.
My teeth need to be whitened.
What will I wear?
Should I go to the tanning bed?
I need kick ass, but comfortable shoes.
My feet need a pedicure.
What will I wear?
I should dye my hair.
Should I get a sassy haircut?
I’m really nervous.
What will I wear?
What will I wear?

I don’t think jeans, flip flops and this T-shirt are not going to cut it.

I need to go shopping and I need a makeover. Apparently I need my own stylist…Oh wait, Tim Gunn, of Project Runway, will be at BlogHer and there’s a chance at winning a private style consultation with him. Oooh, I so need this but the criteria is that I need to post a picture of what I’m wearing to the conference. I do have one dress that I already own, a little black dress, that I’m planning on wearing to one of the parties. Here it is and all I have to say is, “Tim, pick me, pick me!”

Now I just need to get the rest of my wardrobe together…

In closing this post I’d like to share with you my state of mind. Listening for about 20 seconds should do it.


Badass Geek said...

If there is anyone you should not consult for fashion advice, it is me.

Says the man who wears socks with his sandals.

Anonymous said...

wait, if you wear that t-shirt, you'll match Miss Grace's tattoo!
You are gorgeous and you will look hot in anything. And you will have so much fun...and that black dress? rockin!

Gin said...

Love the shirt! I think it's perfect.

Unknown said...

That tee shirt is great!! If you read this and can call me before I call you - then call me. I have some questions.

Wine and Words said...

Jeeze, I go through this every day! Welcome to my world.

Have a great time!

Wait. What? said...

Ahh and you are a wild thing!

María said...


I'm only wearing t-shirts and jeans. And flip flops. Save a pair of sneakers and espadrilles.

No dresses!

Aunt Becky said...

I'm just buying a shirt that says "Baby On Board" and then hilariously writing "Poo" over the "Baby."

And no, it's too late to pretend you don't know me.

Reinvent Dad said...

Be're geniune, original and in other words - ONE OF A KIND! Don't change a damn thing.

Jenny Grace said...

I like that t-shirt!

I'm having a shoe dilemma, but I think I've got my wardrobe pretty squared away. If we wore the same size I'd offer to pack extra for you, but I think you're little.

Lola said...

I'm sure you'll look great, but if you really need something to wear, I've got some great clothes I could loan you, since I never seem to go out anywhere dressy anymore.

We're probably the same size, except in the boobie area, but I always wear the big boobie bras anyway ;) Let me know.

Kim's Korner said...

You're going to look GREAT whatever you wear! But love your little black dress :-)

Have a GREAT time!

Hopefully, one of these years, I'll make it to this event :-)

Oh, and is it wrong that I still listen to Le Freak? Damn!

Momisodes said...

I have NOTHING to wear!

I love that dress though. I just know you will look amazing in it.

I must go shopping!

meleah rebeccah said...

Well, I DO think jeans, flip flops and that T-shirt are fantastic!!!

But, that little black dress is totally super hotness.

I hope you have a BLAST at Blog-Her!