Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gone Fishin’ Recap Part Deux…

During Girls’ Weekend we (and by we, I mean they) did the whole fishing thing. There really was a four plus pound large mouth bass that got away, but there is no photographic evidence to prove it. Therefore it goes down in the storybook of the one that got away. They did catch a couple and here’s proof with a shot of my daughter and BFF..

You’re probably all yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever about the damn fishing already, who got inked?

Surprisingly, none of you thought T, who already has two tattoos was the one; but you were correct. Though she has been thinking about adding to her ‘tramp stamp’, she didn’t. A couple of you thought it was my BFF, but it wasn’t her either. I think her husband might divorce her if she did. Before anyone gets their knickers in a bunch with “but it’s her body” or “what’s the big deal?” you should know that he’s a terrific guy. He’s definitely one that I would call a ‘keeper’, so if he’s not into or possibly turned off by tattoos, it’s his prerogative and I respect him for it.

So it comes down to me and my daughter. Who was it?

I could tease you now and just end this post with:

…to be continued.

But I won’t. It’s a fact that my daughter has wanted a tattoo for awhile; she actually wants more than one. She’s got something planned for her upper back but it’s on hold until she has a drawing to bring in of exactly what she has in mind. Until then she was getting something behind her ear.

Behold. Here is my daughter’s first tattoo.

Now, (not in an annoying Lindsay Wagner Sleep Number voice, but more a Billy Mays’) don’t just X out of this screen flip the channel because there’s more. More, in a super-sized way if you hang around for about sixty more seconds.

When my daughter and I talked on the phone before leaving for the weekend she asked me if I’d get one with her. She teased that it would be a great mother/daughter bonding experience. I laughed her off and told her I would never get a tattoo unless it was something I could live with forever. My husband, upon overhearing this conversation, questioned if I was serious.

Fast forward to Saturday evening, after the visit to Gary’s Professional Tattooing Studio, Inc.. I was stuck ‘fishing’ on the boat and after playing the role of ‘cooler bitch’ and taking umpteen photos, I was bored. I called my better half and relayed that our daughter did indeed get her tattoo; and before I could say anything else my gal pals yelled out about how I had gone first. He laughed and replied that I would have chickened out. I relayed his response to them and they egged him on.

“She went first!”
“She got a tattoo on her foot!”
“It looks awesome!”

He, again, laughed it off and said he’d see me the next day.

Fast forward to the next day.

Him: (after an half an hour) “So, where’s your tattoo?”
Me: “Right here” (Showing him my right ankle.)
Him: “That’s not real. That’s a temporary tattoo.”

Me: “Uhm, okay, but don’t touch it.”
Him: (Upon closer examination) “Is that real?”
Me: “Yeah.”
Him: “Why did you get a tattoo?”
Me: “Why not?”

It was a mother/daughter/Gary experience.

Will my daughter get another one? Probably. Will I? I don’t know, but I did grab a marketing thingy before I left. It was a packaged condom with a logo that said “Please Cum Again”. I’d show you a picture of it but my camera is acting up and I don’t know how to fix it and my photographer husband is out of town and not answering his cell phone.


kapgar said...

I've got one tattoo that I've had since college. Of course, being a college student and not able to afford much, it's small and only in black ink. But it works for me.

I do want another one and I've got an idea for it. But I need to save up some money. I'm thinking some time next year when my wife is done with her master's degree. We shall see.

That ankle tat does look fake in the picture, though. I can completely understand questioning it.

Organic Meatbag said...

Now, see, that is the kind of tat that I like...just a nice little understated one... bravo! Good choice!

The Peach Tart said...

I've been seriously thinking about a tat

Unknown said...

yea for you on your first's pretty and your daughter's is cool. Someday I'll get my moon and pine tree on my left breast (ok above it) someday....

Gin said...

Both of you!!! Now that threw me for a loop! I love them both!

Megan said...

That's awesome! :-)

Badass Geek said...

Nice! I'm proud of you both.

MarieC said...

I like it!!! You were right though, it DOES look fake!!!

Kim's Korner said...

That's really cool that you both did it together!

I'll get one someday. Just not sure yet what or where.

My ex got one in the shape of a shirt tag, on the back of his neck that says 'Made in NFLD' - Wish I'd thought of that one first lol.

Did it hurt? I've heard the ankle really hurts because there isn't much bodyfat to work with there.

Cindy said...

VERY entertaining post today! Good Times for you!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

That tattoo of yours is too pretty to be real. :) I can see why he thought it would be fake. The colors are so vibrant!

I'm so proud of you, hon! Woo hoo!

Unknown said...

Like that tat. (I DID spell that right, right? yeah.) And your daughter looks JUST LIKE YOU!! Beautiful.

Reinvent Dad said...

My good friend & I were just talking last week while on vacation about how cool it would be to get our first tattoo (at age 40+) we both passed when the other guys/roommates got them in college. Not sure what I'd get or where as long as it isn't something always visual or and your daughter did it up right.

I can't find my blog said...


Aunt Becky said...

Loves it! I have two tattoos. One on each foot.

How badly did your daughter's hurt?

Lola said...

Nice!!! I love them both, and your daughter is as adorable as you are.

meleah rebeccah said...

I think those tattoos are very pretty and tastefully done.

Anonymous said...

I like both of the tattoos. Yours is great. I would love to get a tattoo. I am thinking of getting one for my next birthday of St. Michael the Archangel. I love religious-themed tattoos. Don't ask me why because I'm not particularly religious. I dream of that tattoo but will probably chicken out!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Congrats on the tat! It's very pretty.