Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family Style…

Years ago, when Paul and I would have company over for dinner, I always served ‘buffet style’. He didn’t like it. He preferred ‘family style’…you know where everyone is sitting at the table and the food is being passed. The reason I had the food on the counter and not on the table was because there just wasn’t enough room.

Tonight, as I’m getting things ready for tomorrow’s dinner with my aunt and uncle from Las Vegas, my parents and brother, and my son and his girlfriend, I started reminiscing (that happens when you get older) about how he used to say he didn’t like buffet style.

We’ve been married just shy of fifteen years now and he hasn’t brought it up in over a decade. It’s not because he gave in to me; it’s because he finally realized that our dining room table is just not big enough.

No. It is definitely not big enough to accommodate our family and friends. So, though I still set up all the food on the counter and people carry their plates to the table…whether it’s in the kitchen, dining room or in front of the TV; everyone is still eating as a family…..‘Family Style’.

We are grateful for the people in our lives. And I am grateful that my husband will be home from India a week from today, if only for a short time. And our family and friends are eager to see him and visit with him and possibly share a meal with us, even if we’re not saying, “Can you pass the peas?”


Meg said...

Oh how exciting to have him home! How long will he be home this time? Enjoy your family meal, "family style". I love meals like that!

Badass Geek said...

I always called it "Overeating Style". Because there is no one serving me my portions, and yeah... that always ends up with me moaning on the couch with my pants unbuttoned about an hour later.

Unknown said...

I don't care how it gets to my plate - as long as it DOES get there.

We'll be there on the third - at least 3 of us.