Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back To Square One…

It’s Sunday and instead of doing some sight seeing this weekend as planned, we are back to looking at flats.  The one we wanted is no longer an option.  Apparently we took too long.  Uhm, what?

Paul had found this particular flat back on August 28th (you can see the video of it on this post  ).  After discussing the rent, security deposit, etc.; he asked to review a copy of the lease.  Over the next few weeks, each time Paul requested a copy, the agent asked for earnest money.  This went on for over a month until last Tuesday when the agent finally emailed it.  After forwarding the lease to his boss for approval, Paul called the agent back the very next day and was told that the owner had changed her mind…because we had dragged our feet.

I have to believe that this happened for a reason; maybe we’ll find a nicer place and/or one that is more conducive to our needs.  I do know it will be easier for me to decide whether I am going to hire any servants than having to take on someone else’s staff.  Yes, we would have had a staff of three; one to cook, another to clean and a third to do laundry.  All who did not speak any English.

So we’re back to square one.  I’m glad that while waiting on that flat we looked at some others last weekend.  At least I have a general idea of what to expect, or more to the truth, what not to expect.

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Nej said...

Wait who was waiting for whom? They backed out because you took too long...yet they were the ones that wouldn't send the agreement for you to look over?


I think you're right...good things are waiting for you elsewhere.