Saturday, December 4, 2010


I went to the ear doctor for the third time this week.  From what I understand I have an inflammation in my right ear that has caused the hearing loss (permanent), ringing and dizziness (hopefully not permanent).  This inflammation was caused from some type of (unknown) viral infection.  I think.  He used medical mumbo jumbo speak instead of talking in layman’s terms, leaving me a bit unclear.  Why can’t some doctors talk to you in a language that you can understand?  I think Rosetta Stone should take a look into this market.

I was feeling a little better yesterday so I did everyone’s laundry.  Nothing interesting about that, but it did remind me of this picture I submitted for a blog contest last year.  Yes, my front loaders can fit a big ass load.
Paul started shopping for a car in India the other day.  He told me he checked them out by sitting in the back seat.  Why bother sitting in the front since he won’t be the one driving it? 

I’m actually starting to miss Indian food.
Fraughter and her friends started a club…The Mango Club; it stands for Mothers Against Never Getting Out.  They had their first meeting last weekend at a bar.  The next morning I asked her if she had a mangover.

Speaking of Fraughter, she started decorating…BEFORE Thanksgiving.
Timing is everything.  Paul and I will be leaving just when it’s time to take everything down. 

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Blondefabulous said...

Well, at least the3 doctor told you something. So much better than being in the dark and thinking your nutty!

How is that grand baby, BTW??

BFF said...

Why are you getting a car for India? I need to know. I also need to know who put the decorations on the celing they look amazing.

MIL said...

All the mumble jumble from the Dr. doesnot make any sense to this old MIL.....Time for 2nd opinion?????
House looks very festive & oh so nice that fraughter was there to do it all.

Unknown said...

Nice tush.

Expat No. 3699 said...

Grand baby is doing great. I can’t wait until I’m able to drive again so I can see her more often.

We need to get a car and hire a driver so we’re not stuck looking for rickshaws or cabs to get around. We put up the stars and balls in the living room every year…Danny got stuck pulling out the big ladder and hanging them this year…Sucka!

I’m seeing my regular doc on Monday, so I’ll go from there. Yes, it’s nice and festive…for your visit. I can’t wait to see you!

Expat No. 3699 said...

Why thank you, kind sir.

Bama Cheryl said...

Hope the ringing and dizziness go away soon. That's so irritating and discombobulating. The ornaments on the ceiling ARE great. We were decorated before Thanksgiving because we had Christmas two days after. Nice to be (mostly) done with Christmas already. I remember your tush picture and it's great. I have one of those washers but haven't ever tried climbing in. Enjoy your visit and take care of yourself!

Lori said...

Post again? You already know I'm here...

Unknown said...

Hey, it's the moonspun picture! I am still jealous of that damn red dryer of yours. Then again, I guess you can't take it to India, huh?