Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back in Mumbai…

…for almost a week now.  Though busy, there have been times when I could have written a post.  But the fact is I needed that time for myself.  I needed time to process that this is home, yet using the word ‘home’ here sounds foreign to me.  But I guess that’s normal, this is still a foreign land to me.

The flight was grueling; however we made it safe and sound…though our largest suitcase took another 36 hours to catch up with us.  I must admit that we were both a little concerned about it going through customs.  You see, each person is allowed only one carton of cigarettes into the country before having to pay a customs tax in excess of 35%; this particular bag contained…well lets just say it was well over the allotted amount.  No worries, it was delivered to our door untouched.

In addition to the smokes and other precious cargo (i.e. food), this suitcase contained a brand new Swiffer.  In the case you have forgotten or you’re a new reader, I hadn’t been able to find a ‘normal’ broom or mop here.  I was cleaning the floors on my hands and knees, and this is what I used on the terrace:
I’m still using this pseudo broom outside, but inside the Swiffer is my new best buddy. 

The board of tourism here employs the campaign ‘Incredible India’, and it is indeed, incredible; but it is also dirty.  Aside from the garbage you see along most roads and the pollution there is dirt, and when it’s not monsoon season; that dirt translates into dust.  We were in our flat for less than a half hour before I noticed the bottoms of our feet. 
Please note that Paul washed the floors the day before he left and all the windows were shut and locked.  Apparently they’re not air tight, but really? 

Anywipe, I’m glad to have the Swiffer since the floors need to be cleaned at least every other day (if not every day).  Some of you may be wondering if I packed the wet or dry clothes for it.  In answer, I did pack a few boxes of the dry ones, but for mopping I use thin, inexpensive wash clothes.  They tuck nicely into the slots and I can wash and reuse them.  It’s my small part at being ‘Green’.

Some inquiring minds have asked if I will hire someone to clean.  The answer to that is, “I don’t know yet.”  I understand that by doing so I will be giving someone employment, but at this point I really don’t want a stranger (that I most likely won’t be able to communicate with) in my home.  Also, I have all day to do it myself while Paul’s at the office.  In time, who knows?  I’ve inquired into joining the AWC and put out feelers for volunteering for Tender Hands.  Keep your fingers crossed that I get a reply soon, because until I get involved with something, for 50 hours a week it’s just me, myself and the Internet…oh, and my buddy, Swiffer.


Avitable said...

I'm glad you made it home (or back to India) safely! :)

Blondefabulous said...

Good to know you made it back ok. Glad your "contraband" made it too! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

First, glad you are ok. And I don't know why I think you importing a swifer into your suitcase is cute, but I do.

Slyde said...

man those feet are dirty... did you WALK the whole way? :)