Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dihydrogen Monoxide…

The above was the topic of conversation around here for the better part of last week.  You see, I waited three days for someone to show up to install a new water purification system in our kitchen.  The owners of our flat had installed this one right before we moved in…
…but apparently it was only filtering out sediment.  Needless to say, I was boiling water numerous times a day; for drinking, ice cubes, cooking, etc.  Paul took pity on me and bought a new system while he was working a trade show called ‘Everything About Water’.  He purchased it directly from the manufacturer, at a fraction of the retail cost, with installation included.  This new system not only filters out sediment, but has UV and reverse osmosis.  The UV kills bacteria and the RO removes all the impurities. 

So back to my wait; after two days I still had a sense of humor and was referring to him as the water boy.  I joked and said to Paul, “I know he’ll get here.  He can do it!”  But when he didn’t show on day three, two hours after he was supposed to, I was getting pissed.  I called Paul at work and asked, “What’s up with H2-No Show?”

Finally, he came (TWSS), and isn’t it a beauty?
No more boiling of water, unless it’s for coffee (We’ve been drinking instant because regular coffee here is quite expensive).  In case you’re wondering if it filters dihydrogen monoxide, it does.

If you’re not aware of what dihydrogen monoxide is and are curious, please read this or watch the following video. 


Blondefabulous said...

I better not get Avita-Balled when I click that link!!!

Mik said...

Quite a sexy little unit, er, the water filter I mean!

Loves me some Penn & Teller, looking forward to when they are back in town so I can go see them again.