Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Gave My Daughter the Curse

When my daughter was about sixteen I gave her the curse. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it goes something like this: “When you have kids, I hope you have one just like you!”

Now when I bestowed this ‘curse’ upon her, it was partly in jest, but mostly as a pay-back for the crap she had been putting me through. I remember when I said it to her. I was standing on the back deck and she was walking through the yard. When the words came out of my mouth she actually had a reaction. Most of the time, no matter what I said, it usually fell on deaf ears. But this, she heard, and became upset. “Why would you say that to me?” she asked. “What’s the problem? You think you’re such a well behaved kid, why wouldn’t you want your children to be just like you?” was my retort.

Years later, after my daughter had married and had children of her own, I wanted to recant that curse. I don’t want my grandchildren to give her a hard time. She’s turned out to be a lovely young woman. She’s a good mother, wife, daughter and friend. She’s my daughter and my friend.

A friend, a daughter, my fraughter.


Michael C said...

OOOOO, I like fraughter!!! My two are a few years away from needing the curse. I hope. Perhaps I should just curse them now in a purely defensive move?

Anonymous said...

Don't do it Michael! My mother-in-law cursed my husband, and OH MAN, did it work! She cursed him with "seven sons just like himself." Well, we've got 3! All sons too! After that it was off to the snip-snip doctor for him before I had 4 more sons just like himself.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I blogged today. Yeah me! Its only been over a month! I SUCK at this everyday stuff. But I'll try harder, I swear!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the curse is a good thing. If Belle turns out to be like her mom then we will be blessed twice.

Lets just hope she is not as rambunctious as her mom in the teenage years

Anonymous said...

My son is never going to have a child like him. He is never to going to even kiss a girl. He is going to live with his Mum forever and think only pure, clean thoughts. Hehehe.

remmcat said...

Your new family member is soooo cute.The best pets are those that find us or that we hadn't planned for. Well, I guess all of our pets have found us.