Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Would You Rather Wednesday...

Are you ready? Because here's this week's trio.

1. Would you rather...
Be dating someone who insists that every electrical device in both of your homes be controlled by those "clap on, clap off devices
That every piece of furniture have plastic covers?

2. Would you rather...
Super glue your eyes shut
Super glue them open?

3. Would you rather...
Drink one gallon of milk, and then ride a roller coaster
Ride a roller coaster behind someone who drank one gallon of milk?


Badass Geek said...

These ones are good!

1) I think the Clapper-control would be brilliant! I've thought about setting that up in my own home.

2) Glue 'em open, man. That way I could still see, and I could creep people out when sleeping.

3) Give me the milk (that sounds dirty). I have a stomach of steel.

Lisa said...

1. I would love to have the clap on clap off devices. That could be really fun except when I was watching OU football, get excited and clap in delight and miss the big play!

2. Eyes would have to be opened. I would not want to go through this life with my eyes shut.

3. Oh I am going to be the one that drinks the mild because it appears there is going to be a spew either way. If someone spews, I will be spewing too, so this way we can cut out the middle man.

Anonymous said...

I want the clapper. It would be brilliant. I love to clap.

I'd glue my eyes shut. Might cure my insomnia.

I am lactose intolerant so the milk would make me throw up before I even got on the rollercoaster!

Megan said...

1. Clap on Clap Off. I think those are neat.

2. Open. I like my vision.

3. Technically, you wouldn't be able to finish the gallon of milk--you would be spewing like a fireman's hose before you finished...SO i'm being a smartass on this one and saying NEITHER. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm....these are tough for me...

1. I'm gunna go with the "clap on, clap off devices. I'm lazy as hell and I'd never have to get up.

(and those plastic things stick to my legs and make me all itchy)

2.Super glue them open!

*I'd hate to miss something.

3. Drink one gallon of milk, and then ride a roller coaster

*I'd rather GIVE than receive...

Anonymous said...

1) Clapper for sure - that one's easy.

2) This one is tougher. I guess glue them open. Being blind would kinda suck...

3) I'll ride behind the guy with the milk - then I can just duck when I see it comin'. Don't like to spew!!

Anonymous said...

1. clap on clap off...i'm pretty lazy to constantly have to get up and use the switch myself.

2. super glue them open. i think they have eye drops for that :)

3. i would much rather be the thrower-upper than the thrown-up-on. no question.

Heather said...

1)Clapper. We had one years ago and that thing was great. We don't have a need to use it now, but I still have it somewhere.
2)Open. I need to be able to see stuff comin at me. But I would do well with them glued shut. I frequently wander around at night with my eyes shut, because the light - it burns it burns...
3)I don't drink milk. So I guess I'd have to get spewed on.

Mrs Anne said...

1. Definately the Clapper! :)

2. Eyes open... I wanna see it all!

3. I'll drink that milk... dont want any 2nd hand milk! ew!

love these "would you rathers!"


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

You. Are. Evil.

1) Clap on, clap off baby!
2) Super glue my eyes open.
3) Drink the gallon of milk and ride a roller coaster.

Unknown said...

1. Clap on, clap off.
2. open. I wanna see what's comin'.
3. drink & ride.

Are you conducting some sort of long term personality test? and like the winner gets to run for office or something?

Anonymous said...

Okay, since your wondering:

1) clap on devices (like everyone else)

2) open.

3) in back. I'm pretty good at dodging things and there's always the possibility the throw up might be blown away, hit the floor, go out the side, etc.

Lola said...

1. Clap on, clap off!

2. Glue them shut. I've been practicing fake blindness for years, so I'd be okay. Plus, eyes wide open dry up.

3. Oh, I'd ride behind and duck. When you're going that fast, it would just go over your head. I don't think I could drink a gallon of milk unless you were paying me.

Eva said...

1) Clap on, baby. Clap on. And then off.

2) Glued open. Helloooo? Visine drops! And a pretty little satin eye cover thingy for when it's time to sleep. For some reason, I can't remember the name of those right now.

3) I'll drink the milk. Roller coasters are awesome. It takes a lot for me to even feel nauseous on them! And if I hurl, someone else gets to deal with the mess.

Weeksie50 said...

1.The clapper for sure..
2. Eyes glued wide open.. I love taking in everything.. and with eyes closed it would be hard.
3. Eee. to either of these. I can do one glass of milk, chasing cookies or waffles but a whole gallon? Ugh.. I don't think so and being vomited on. No stinkin' way.

RiverPoet said...

Saw your review over on AAYSR today. Don't let it get to you. I think they're the wrong place to review blogs like ours. They tend to like sites like Dirty Pirate Hooker. Not my genre.

Peace - D

Mental P Mama said...

Clap on.
Drink and ride.