Saturday, April 17, 2010

Diet/Exercise Update…

A week ago yesterday I vowed to rid myself of my excess baggage. At that time I wrote down my weight and all my measurements. Since then this has been my regiment:

Exercise at least twice a day (but there were two days where I only did it once). I’ve been doing the Leslie Sansone one and two mile videos off of OnDemand and using one pound hand weights…20 miles logged to date.

Before work I have fresh juice, made in my shiny new juicer (which I purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond using their 20% off coupon). Now rest assured, I have not gone through that entire ten pound bag of carrots shown in my last post. If I had, I might end up looking like someone from ‘Jersey Shore’ as Badass Geek pointed out. I’ve been juicing a variety of produce; my new favorite in the morning is grapefruit.

At about 9:30 a.m. I have a bowl of high fiber cereal.

Lunch has been from as little as an avocado, to a pork chop with ¼ cup of cooked…you guessed it; carrots (hey, gotta make a dent in that bag!)

After work I juice again. Nothing solid after 6:00 p.m….

…and water. I’ve been drinking lots of H20.

Now I understand I can’t do this forever, nor would I want to. I just want to try this for two weeks, a bit of a jump start if you will; and every time my stomach starts growling at me I feed it more water. The problem with this is that every night as I start dozing off I have to pee. And pee. And pee.

So drum roll please…..

I weighed myself and retook my measurements last night. According to my lying fuckwad, son of a bitch, cock doodling accurate scale, I only lost a pound and a half! However, on the bright side, I lost some inches. One and a half from my waist, two in my abdomen and one from my gluteus maximus! These results make me want to keep at it.


Badass Geek said...

Glad to hear you are taking it easy with the carrot juice. Wouldn't want to have to start calling you Snookie.

Unknown said...

Just keep in mind that muscle is denser and heavier than ..... non muscle tissue. So as you exercise, some of your .... non muscle tissue is converted to muscle - so you may not lose a lot of weight, but you will be (if it's possible) even more shapelier.


Bama Cheryl said...

Keep at it and it'll come off. Sounds like you're off to a great start. And you're inspiring, too!

Nej said...

A pound and a half is nothing to be upset about. That's a totally healthy amount of weight to lose in a week!!!!!

Way to go!!!!

Unknown said...

Keep at it, inches and pounds are measured differently. And muscle is more dense...
or maybe it's the carrots? :-)

Glennis said...

That's losing at a good rate, 1.5 a week. Not bad. And inches - that's important.

good luck.