Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend/Party Recap…

Weeks of planning.

Invitations extended…and then some…and then a few more…to people I didn’t even know.

Entertainment booked and confirmed.

Chairs and tables rented. Canopies and coolers borrowed.

The original menu of homemade salads and barbequed burgers and dogs quickly being changed to a phone call to the local caterer…and then another call placed the evening prior to increase the order.

Blah, blah, blah…all said and done…drumroll please.

The first guests arrived around 12:00 p.m. The last guest left around 2:00 a.m. (one of the first to arrive and last to leave; Tweeter, you rule!)

Total guests: Around 100 (and then some).

Food consumed: (200) pieces of chicken, (2) four foot sub sandwiches, (1) extra large tray of baked mostacholi with meatballs, 20 lbs of potato salad, 20 lbs of pasta salad, 38 hot dogs with all the trimmings, 11 lbs of brownies, 4 lbs of Rice Krispie treats, 3 lbs of bakery cookies, a dozen or so cupcakes, potato chips, pretzels, peanuts….and oh yeah, popcorn from a theater style popcorn popper. Oh wait; there was all the ice cream purchased from the local pusher that circles my street with that oh so recognizable tune that you can’t quite place your finger on.

Beverages consumed: (1) half barrel of Miller Lite, (1) quarter barrel of Budweiser, (5) six packs of Smirnoff lemonade stuff, (6) four packs of headache juice Bartles and James swine coolers, (16) two liters of soda, (3 1/2) cases of water, (8) 10 packs of douche bags juice bags, (2) gallons of Arizona Ice Tea, (3) cups of coffee (Seriously, it was frigging in the 90’s???), AND the beer that people brought…AND the (3) cases that someone ran out for once the kegs were dry.

Entertainment? Aunt Lola Cabana ( watch the video from this post ) mingled with the crowd on the pretense that he/she was Paul’s girlfriend from India. Totally hysterical! Lola even sang a song that was revised just for me moving to India. It was a parody of ‘Hello Dolly’, but redone as ‘Hello Dehli’. I wish that I had videotaped it. In fact I wish that I had been taking pictures throughout the party to share here, but I don’t blog like I did a year ago. As they say, ‘Some people live to work and some work to live’; the same goes with blogging with me.

Anysmile, Aunt Lola left the crowd with one on every face and was followed up by my son-in-law’s band, Railroad Gin, which rocked the neighborhood yard for hours. During that time people sang along, danced and visited. Bean bags were tossed back and forth and beers were tossed back. Kids swam and then beat the crap candy and toys out of a piñata. Adults tossed back more beers and then came to the conclusion that it was time for a swim…or should I say time for others to go for a swim?

Adults thrown into the pool: (unknown)
Objects in pocket that went for a swim:

Wallets: (7)
Cigarette packs: (6)
Tampons: (4)
Key fobs: (3)
Digital cameras: (1)
iPhones: (1)

Yeah, sucks to be you. If Allstate isn’t covering the hail damage on my thighs or ass, good luck getting a dime for your keys, camera or phone. All kidding aside, the chick with the extra absorbent tampons needs to reimburse me for filling back up the pool. I mean filtrated water is hard to come by…wait it isn’t here, but it will be once I’m living in India.

It was great to spend the holiday weekend with family and friends; especially this particular holiday weekend.

Happy Birthday to the Good Ole U S of A!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July Weekend.

Love to all~


Cindy said...

Epic Party. Wish I was there!

Sheila said...

We had a *great* time....I wish we could've stayed....especially since we wound up having to go to The Aunt's house Sunday anyway :(

Badass Geek said...

Sounds like a blast!

I weep for the poor soul's iPhone that took a chlorinated bath.

Unknown said...

Zach and I had a great time - and I have pictures to give you!!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious about the stuff that ended up in the pool. Always the mark of a successful party!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Wow, hon! That sounded totally epic! Glad you had a great time!

Unknown said...

Wow, now that sounds like a party!

Nej said...

Color me jealous! That sounds like one heck of a party!!!!!!!